Award winning autistic British-Cypriot author/publisher, designer and teacher

N.E. McMorran was born in London on the 6th of September 1974, and comes from a creative, neurodiverse family of architects, artists and writers.

She studied art and design at Central St. Martins and Hertfordshire University. She also trained as a Montessori teacher and gained a post graduate in secondary education from the Institute of Education, UCL. Before moving to Cyprus in the early noughties, she worked at the BBC as researcher and photographer, and also taught in London schools.

In her 30s, she founded AccessArts Publications Ltd to promote the Cyprus arts scene; independently publishing Cyprus' first tri-lingual publication ARTERI, and later, KidCulture—an eco parenting and education magazine.
In 2007 she was invited as Cyprus delegate in the British Council’s 'Creative Collaborations', at 'The Space' in Istanbul, and acted on the UNDP’s 'Cyprus Art Competition' advisory board. She later became involved in the 10:10 climate change campaign, screening 'The Age of Stupid' and organising KidCulture Expo - Cyprus' first eco family festival.

In 2010 she was awarded as a finalist, with special mention, in the Cyprus National Business Woman of the Year Awards. She later returned to the UK with her son, to home educate, where she wrote the most part of her award winning debut novel: 'MOOJAG'

In 2018, at the age of 43, she received her formal autism diagnosis from the National Autistic Society.
She attributes her achievements to her creative and autistic traits: persistence, imagination, mimicry, problem solving, empathy and sensitivity, intense focus and attention to detail.

During the pandemic she volunteered with the NAS, and also founded Spondylux Press, an inclusive publishing house, run by autistic professionals to produce neurodiverse, own-voice works, celebrating diversity and challenging negative stereotypes. In March 2020, her debut novel MOOJAG won the NAUTILUS BOOK AWARD, and in October 2021 Spondylux Press published 'Goalkeeper: Memoir of Poet Peter Street', which she developed with the author. On 20th October 2023 she released Moojag and the Lost Memories, sequel to the Auticode Secret, and winner of the US Firebird Award.